Kennel Vilpertin

Päivikki ja Liina Lindberg
Viinijärventie 61
83400 Viinijärvi

email: vilpertin@gmail.com
Päivikki: 040 8357914
Liina: 044 9127013

Fi Mva Vilpertin Scuro

Vilpertin Veloce

Vilpertin Una Ragazza

28.12.2001 - 12.5.2012

Unna´s pedigree and other info, KoiraNet

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Taikatytön Yönkuningatar

8.8.1999 -

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Ragazza Grigia

Raahaa kuva tähän

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30.5.1999 -

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Grigia was a beautiful and promising girl, but she had a heart disease and she sadly died in very young age.

Fin Ch Vilpertin Bello Grigio

Raahaa kuva tähän

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Date of birth: 17.9.1989 - 21.12.2003

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Came back to live with us in the age of seven years.

Fi Ch Rus Ch Vilpertin Kilpukka

Date of birth: 8.10.1994 - 3.2.2005
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Sobers Ideon

Ido and Roope

Date of birth: 13.7.1992 - 6.8.2004

Fin Ch Vilpertin Hiba Of Riina

Date of birth: 15.11.1991 - 27.2.2004 

Djambellan Penelope

24.4.1988 - 

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Fin Ch Vilpertin Gesneria

2.9.1987 - 

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Fin Ch Sobers Natola

26.9.1979 - 20.5.1989

Came to live with us in the age of 5 years. 

Minivintin Najadi

Raahaa kuva tähän

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9.11.1978 - 

Came to live us in the year 1984.

Vilpertin Ramu

22.5.1982 - 8.10.1993

Fin Ch Minivintin Oberon

6.2.1980 - 1996
Sire: Nord Ch Mini-Vintin Yllätys "Napelo"
Dam: C.I.B Nord Ch Bell-Ami "Bella"

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Fin Ch Marosa

Fille and Rosa

10.1.1979 - 12.1.1984

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Rosa died sadly at the age of five in an accident, she was hit by a car.

Fin Ch Se Ch Sobers Firello

11.4.1978 - 4.1.1989

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